Computing Facilities

CIS majors have access to a wide range of hardware and software technology. The computing facilities are considered some of the best in the region. PC (Intel-based) computers facilitate hands-on use of:

  • micro-based applications, (MS Office, WordPerfect Suite, etc.,)
  • program/system development tools (Java, Visual Basic, C/C++, .NET, etc.,)
  • design tools (Visible Analyst, Visio)
  • operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows/NT)
  • client/server application development (Oracle, SQL Server)

Most of these micros are networked via a fiber optics backbone providing access to the Internet and our mainframe computers. Just within Ward Edwards Building there are over 100 PCs, and a software inventory which exceeds $1,000,000.   The new James C. Kirkpatrick Library houses additional computing resources as do other labs on the CMSU campus.

On the "big iron" side there are two mainframe computers, an IBM ES9000 Model 210 mainframe and an IBM 4381 mainframe. They support administrative and research activities and are used by students in programming (COBOL) and database development (DL1, SQL/DB2) classes.