A message from Dr. Mustafa Kamal
Department Chair
Computer & Office Information Systems

Welcome to the Computer Information Systems (CIS) Website at Central Missouri State University.

Central offers the finest CIS program in the Midwest with a record of placing virtually 100% of the graduates within three months of graduation.   Many semesters the placement record reaches 100% before graduation. Central's CIS graduates have been aggressively sought by companies. This trend is continuing this academic year.   Salary offers range from $45,000 to over $70,000.   Central's CIS internship (paid on-the-job training) program is the best in the region with approximately 85 students placed every year.   Intern students make as high as $3,200 a month.   In Fall 2001 the number of undergraduate CIS majors reached 680. Graduate CIS education is also available.  An MBA with a CIS concentration as well as a multiple-track MS in Information Technology are offered.

The undergraduate and graduate curriculum focuses on student outcomes and assessment. The CIS Advisory Council, which includes representatives from Sprint, Southwestern Bell, DST Systems, Hallmark Cards, Boeing, KCPL, Edward Jones, and the State of Missouri, aid us in maintaining CIS Program offerings which are consistent with industry needs.


Courses in the major area of concentration include :

CIS  1605  Microcomputer Application Software (2)
CIS  1610 Impact of Computer Based Technology (2)
CIS  2605  Programming with Visual Basic (3)
CIS  2615  Introduction to JAVA (3)
CIS  3605 Princ of Datacomm and LAN (3)
CIS  3630 Management Information Systems (3)
CIS  3650 Database Management Systems
  RDMS design and implementation, SQL-DB2 (3)
CIS  3660  Analysis and Design of Comp. Info. Systems (3)
CIS  3655  Programming in COBOL (3)
  DOS/VSE JCL, Utilities, VSAM, CICS
CIS  4680 Client Server (3)
   Requirements, platforms, standards, planning,
   systems software, Key products: Oracle


Advanced JAVA (3)

Electives from the following (6 hours):
CIS  4655 Software Engineering (3)
CIS  4665 Adv Datacomm (3)
CIS  4695 Adv C/C++ (3)


Project Management (3)

The CIS curriculum is taught by ten highly credentialed faculty using state-of-the-art computing resources. Two mainframes, one IBM 4381 and one IBM ES9000, running VM and VM/DOS/VSE operating systems respectively, are available for mainframe computing. In addition to Business Computing Center labs which maintain 70 Intel-based computers, the department houses three specialized labs. These are the Client/Server Lab, Networking Lab and Internet Development Lab. Current inventory of hardware and software in these labs exceeds $4 million. In addition several other numerous PC networked computing labs are available throughout the campus. All CIS classrooms are equipped with multimedia workstations connected to the campus wide network. If you are interested in a Computer Information Systems / Software Engineering career and would like to attend an institution with proven track record, then Central Missouri State University is the place for you. I invite you to explore our web page to learn about the exciting program and opportunities in CIS at Central.